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A new e-book has been published by « Au cactus francophone » : A life devoted to Sulcorebutia (Collection of pictures) Volume 1 by Willi Gertel. The book has been compiled by Daniel Schweich who is in charge of the library of « Au cactus francophone ».
The introduction is in 3 languages (German, English and French). Willi Gertel tells two « dramatic » anecdotes during his journeys in Bolivia. He also explains the numbering of his discoveries.
The caption of the photos are only in English but very easy to understand : basically you get the name of the plant, the location and the altitude.
The book presents in photo the G field numbers in the wild but also in collection for some of them in order to realise how the plant can look different depending on the growing conditions.
There are only 2 large photos by page : so, imagine the show !

This e-book will be followed by two other volumes.

You can freely download the e-book.
The pdf is about 80 Mo.
Download the book.

Thank to this book I learned that Hansjorg Jucker has now his own website. I did not really have the time to visit this site in depth but here is the link, so you can visit it.