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HS field list

    When I discovered what was on the DVD that Karl Augustin had sent to me , immediately, it was clear to me that it had to be published . This work could not remain at the bottom of a drawer. Then I wondered in what section of my site I could publish it ? It has not really its place in " Bolivia Trips." It has not really its place in "Collections" either ! Many pictures of plants in cultivation but also many photos in the habitat ! Finally, I opted for " Bolivia Trips ", because after all what you will see is the result of several field trips in Bolivia. But no matter the topic name ! The main thing is that all this is now available to everyone!

     Here are a collection of photos of sulcorebutias and weingartias discovered by Mr. Heinz Swoboda. Yes, I mean, the (almost) complete field list is gathered here.

     This work was entirely done by Mr. Karl Augustin who kindly entrusted it to me. All photos without exception are from Mr. Augustin. I would like to thank him for his confidence!

     I now turn it over to Mr. Augustin.


    The Austrian Heinz Swoboda (1941, +1997) made between 1982 and 1991 all in all eight trips to Bolivia. Especially the habitats of Sulcorebutia (nowadays Weingartia) were the purpose of his extensive trips through the mountains of the east Andes. His adventurous way of travelling, but also his “nose“ for possible presence often led him to places that almost nobody else had climbed before. Moreover his unpretentiousness and his way to deal with the natives made things easier. The consequence of all of it was that he discovered many already known habitats, but new ones as well, that greatly enriched our knowledge of this group of plants. Important as well was the documentation of the situation of the sites (accompanying vegetation, geological and climatic features and others). I evaluated his notes and data from the beginning and composed his list of field numbers. I was even able to accompany him during two of his trips (1985 and 1987). But you should know, that he gave to every locality his own field number, so it may happen that sometimes there are several field numbers for the same species. This was on purpose and finally it brought much information regarding the distribution of the plants.

    In the course of years the discoveries of Swoboda came into the collections of enthusiasts, often without names, only with specification of the field number. Many fell into oblivion, many were swapped or questioned. In order to make things clearer, I decided to present pictorially the discoveries of Swoboda of this genus (Sulcorebutia and Weingartia) in their totally, in order of their field numbers. After all there are over 200 field numbers, which are presented by over 700 pictures. As far as the naming I use the nomenclature like it was in the time of Swoboda.* It is up to each person to make up his own mind. People who want to take it exactly can consult following literature:

Gymnocalycium 15(3):453-472, 2002,
Die Gattung Weingartia Werdermann,Teil  1:Besprechung und Neuordnung

Gymnocalycium 21(2):267-782, 2008,
Weingartia,Sulcorebutia und Cintia eine untrennbare Einheit, Teil 2 : Merkmalsvergleiche und Neukombinationen

….and something more: the copyright of the pictures belongs to Karl Augustin, the use in electronic or print-media needs my express consent.

Karl Augustin

Trautmannsdorf, May 2013

* For the publication in SulcoPassion :

The trips of Heinz Swoboda in Bolivia


November 25 - December 6 1982

(HS 1 – 30c)


October 3 - November 2 1983

(HS 31 – 89)


April 27 – May 26 1984

(HS 90 – 108)


November 6 – December 20 1984

(HS 109 – 131)


June 20 – July 20 1985

(HS 132 – 169) with Augustin


October 11 – November 3 1987

(HS 170 – 207) with Augustin


Dates unknown 1989

(HS 208 – 237) with Scheck


Dates unknown 1991

(HS 238 – 274)

Karl Augustin (left) and Heinz Swoboda (right)


HS 1 to 33a

HS 179 to 274

HS 104 to 177

HS 74 to 102

HS 36a to 73a