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The first plant was discovered by Karel Kniže in 1969 on the altiplano of the Cordillera Central, in the province of Nor Cinti, Department Chuquisaca in Bolivia at an altitude of 4000m.

Two field-numbers have been distributed by Karel Kniže under provisional names :
- KK 1768 Cintia napina from Otavi;
- KK 1815 Cintia subterranea from Lecori.

Dr. Jan Řiha and Karel Kniže established the new genus (Kaktusy 1995: 35-37) and named it Cintia, after the province where the plant was discovered.

Řiha also published the Otavi form as the new species Cintia knizei (Kaktusy 1995: 38-39). The type is KK 1768.

For the moment the Lecori form has never been validly described

In 1998 Josef Halda transfered the species into Copiapoa.

In 2003 Mats Hjertson transfered it into Rebutia (Rebutia cintia).

Nowadays it has been united with Weingartia and Sulcorebutia into one genus !
In the classification by Hentzschel & Augustin (2008) and by Lodé (2015) you will find it as Weingartia cintia.

of the genus Cintia