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De Herdt - 2008




Tél. : (0032) 03 314 69 42


May 13, 2008

The De Herdt brothers are involved in cacti cultivation for some decades. They are famous in Belgium and even in Europe. I should even say in the whole world because their name has been given to two cacti : Mammillaria deherdtiana et Neoporteria deherdtiana.

They are not really Sulcorebutia specialists but they have a very nice collection of that genus all the same.
That's the reason of this little report.

There are 3 distinct parts in the nursery :
- the private collection;
- the plants for sale;
- an area that is normally not open to the public : that's where they sow, they take care of cuttings and of plants that need some treatement, they repot...

The private collection

You can see in the private collection really incredible plants. They are amazing because of  their size and their presumed age. Some of them are dated from the period it was still possible to import plants from the country where they live.

There's also an open ground area : the species are not so rare but their size is quite unexpected.

Ariocarpus kotchoubeyanus

Rebutias in bloom

Some Copiapoas

Espostoa with cephalium

Backebergia militaris

Copiapoa krainziana

Discocactus deflexispinus

Some Eriosyces

Lophophora williamsii v. decipiens

Obregonia denegrii

Les Sulcorebutias

You will not find any rarities in the Sulcorebutias collection. But there again, the size and the age of the plants are really exceptional !
You should see those old plants with their numerous heads.

My visit was unfortunately a little too late to enjoy the flowers !

S. krugeri v. hoffmanni
WR 254/1

S. augustinii

S. fischeriana HS 79

S. albissima HS 13

S. arenacea v. menesesii

S. verticillacantha v. taratensis

S. pulchra

S. pulchra

S. purpurea

S. canigueralii

S. sp. "de Rio Seco"

S. polymorpha

S. breviflora Lau 314

S. arenacea

Opening hours : tuesdays from 13 to 17

saturdays from 9 to 17  

S. candiae

My impressions

Of course it was not the first time that I visited the nursery but it's always a great pleasure for me to go there. The private collection is wonderful and the De Herdt brothers always give you the opportunity to buy some rarities .

The brothers are really nice persons and the prices of the plants are quite reasonable !

So, if you happen to tour through this region, just go and have a look at the nursery.

It's really worth the trip !