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July 14, 2008

I had asked Johan de Vries if he could save for me some species still missing in my collection : S. caracarensis, S. juckeri, S. vargasii, S. roberto-vasquezii (the last two are those new plants I had talked about when I visited Johan in 2007, not yet available at that time).

While I was on holiday in Holland for some days, I took the opportunity to go and get my new plants and take a look at the collection of course !

I was really interested to see the last descriptions : S. heliosoides et S. tarvitaensis.

Well, it’s worth making the journey : they are wonderful plants ! Unfortunately it's not possible to buy them yet.

In the meantime here are their photos !

A recently described Weingartia  (2007) : Weingartia frey-juckeri HJ 441

S. heliosoides VZ 646/1
Photo © Johan de Vries

S. tarvitaensis VZ 649/1
Photo © Johan de Vries

S. heliosoides has been described by Lechner & Draxler (Kakteen/Sukkulenten 3/2008).

S. tarvitaensis has been described by Gertel & Lechner (Kakteen/Sukkulenten 2/2008)

I have seen some lately collected plants still tagged as “spec.”. They still need  further studies to get a name.

Here are some views of this wonderful and well-kept collection !

Middle : S. torotorensis
VZ 415
 *See below for other identifications

S. tiraquensis v. totorensis
VZ 687

S. breviflora v. haseltonii
VZ 682 and
 S. steinbachii v steinbachii
VZ 684

* If you magnify the photo you will recognize : in the upper part S. pasopayana VZ 457, S. sp.(aff. gemmae) VZ 459.
Below S. torotorensis you can see S. tarabucoensis v. patriciae VZ 461 (type loc.) and VZ 462.
In the lower right corner VZ 463/2 is a Sulcorebutia spec.Puno Khasa Loma (origin : East of Presto)

My advise

I tell you once again : if you are interested by Sulcorebutias you must visit Johan de Vries.

You can see there all known species (and even some unknown species) and there is always a large choice of seedlings or cuttings for sale.

                      A paradise for Sulcomaniacs ! ! !

S. candiae v. candiae VZ 608/2 (Tiquirpaya - Santa Rosa)

S. roberto-vasquezii
WK 986-KR7
Photo © Johan de Vries

S. vargasii WK 995-DV2
Photo © Johan de Vries

S. vargasii WK 996-DV2
Photo © Johan de Vries

S. breviflora v. haseltonii
VZ 589/4

S. frankiana
VZ 157/9 and 157/C1
and S. sp. Sucre-Poroma VZ 157 a

S. verticillacantha v. taratensis VZ 410

S. oenantha v. oenantha
VZ 404/1

S. pasopayana VZ 457/3

S. roberto-vasquezii VZ 672

S. sp. VZ 638

S. sp. VZ 648
(aff. tarvitaensis ?)

S. tarabucoensis v. hertusii
VZ 631/1


Elizabeth & Johan de Vries - 2008