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June 23, 2012 (in the morning)

For my third visit to the de Vries’ collection, I wanted to focus on all the new descriptions appeared in recent years. I also wanted to get some clarification on the "pulchra case." Johan kindly guided me all morning through his fabulous collection and made me discover all these new plants. He also drew my attention to some plants he considered as exceptional, unconventional ! He also showed me some of his latest discoveries. Perhaps future new species ??? Here are the (very numerous) photos of the visit. Let’s start with the most recent descriptions.

S. insperata

S. insperata VZ 707/4

S. insperata VZ 707/5

S. insperata VZ 706/6

S. atrospinosa

S. atrospinosa VZ 657/3

S. lamprochlora

S. lamprochlora VZ 717/3

S. lamprochlora VZ 658/1

S. lamprochlora VZ 658/3

S. lamprochlora VZ 658/4

S. lamprochlora VZ 658/5

S. roberto-vasquezii VZ 672/2

S. roberto-vasquezii VZ 694/5

S. roberto-vasquezii VZ 671/7

S. viridis

S. viridis VZ 728/2

 S. heliosoides and S. viridis in the background

S. tarvitaensis

S. tarvitaensis VZ 736/2

S. tarvitaensis VZ 736/1

S. tarvitaensis VZ 649/4

S. tarvitaensis VZ 649/1

Some clones of
S. tarvitaensis VZ 649

S. sormae

S. sormae VZ 623/1

S. trojapampensis

S. trojapampensis
HJ 1191/GE6

S. tiraquensis v. huanacuniensis

S. tiraquensis v. huanacuniensis G 221/8

W. pucarensis

W. pucarensis HJ 1201

Now here are some recent discoveries of Johan. Some are already identified while some others still have their status as "spec." waiting for their true destination.

S. tarabucoensis ssp. hertusii VZ 700/2

S. tarabucoensis ssp. hertusii VZ 701/5

S. crispata VZ 724/2

S. crispata VZ 650/2

S. crispata VZ 651/1

S. crispata VZ 651/2

S. crispata VZ 738/2

S. crispata VZ 651/4

S. spec. VZ 733/2
Cordillera Mandinga

S. spec. VZ 732/3
Cordillera Mandinga

S. spec. nov. VZ 567/3
South-East of Pasopaya

S. spec. nov. VZ 567/2
South-East of Pasopaya

S. spec. nov. VZ 566/3
South-East of Pasopaya

S. spec. nov. VZ 566/1
South-East of Pasopaya

Then I would like to focus on two species that look so beautiful to me. These are not really new, but they are still uncommon in collections : S. roberto-vasquezii and S. heliosoides. The latter has a very homogeneous appearance while there is a lot of diversity in S. roberto-vasquezii.

S. heliosoides VZ 697/2

S. heliosoides VZ 726/6

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S. lamprochlora VZ 714/1
nearly white spined

S. lamprochlora VZ 719/1

S. atrospinosa fa. green
VZ 705/1

S. atrospinosa fa. green
VZ 705/4


Elizabeth & Johan de Vries - 2012 (1)