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Some views of the collection of Astrophytum

Astrophytum myriostigma "onzuka"

Astrophytum asterias

Astrophytum coahuilense

Astrophytum myriostigma "fukuryo"

Astrophytum myriostigma

Rosa & Rudi Vlummens - 2009

If you want to contact Rosa and Rudi : please contact SulcoPassion

July 27, 2009

When I have caught my serious "sulcomania" some years ago, Rudi's collection was the first one that I have visited. The first species a little bit uncommon and properly identified in my collection were from Rudi.

Rudi started a collection of cacti more than 30 years ago. We can say without any doubt that he is an experienced collector ! Today, the four greenhouses in the garden offer him the enough space to have several passions !


He surely has a passion for the genus Astrophytum. It is not a new one but I realised that it is increasing. All those odd forms coming from the Far East are so tempting !


Rudi has also a very nice collection of  Digitorebutia. It is a genus that I don’t know very well nevertheless I have noticed some very nice plants. Rudi took immediatly his knife and gave me some cuttings of all the plants I liked !
There are many plants of other genera in Rudi's collection. And as it is  rather old you can see there remarkable specimens !

A view of some Digitorebutia

Digitorebutia torquata FR 1117


Digitorebutia sp.

Pachypodium lamerei

Obregonia denegrii

Leuchtenbergia principis

Let's go now into the greenhouse of Sulcorebutias !
It was in this greenhouse when I visited Rosa and Rudi for the first time some years ago that I have realised that it was possible to devote a whole collection to the only genus Sulcorebutia. And I have thought that it would be my goal !
I came there with a little list of needed plants. I had seen those plants in the Pilbeam & Hunt book "A Sulco Gallery". Well, as you can imagine, I got back home with all of them... and many more !
Even if Rudi has not so many different clones as Johan de Vries, for example, his collection is quite complete. You can see there some field numbers of all species. Though, the very last descriptions, still very rare in collection, are not yet present. I have noticed that Rudi has found some odd forms in this genus as well !
S. torotorensis  
S. vasqueziana ssp. losenickyana VZ 090/3
S. crispata (cristate form)
S. pulchra (cristate form)
S. polymorpha (monstruous form)
S. santiaginiensis VZ 340
(f. variegata)
S. spec. KK 1267
S. candiae
Some different S. cylindrica
S. tarabucoensis v. tarabucoensis  EH 6242
S. tarabucoensis v. hertusii
JD 330 (middle) and GR 21/3
S. inflexiseta MC 6308
S. mariana
Some different S. mentosa
A very nice plant of
S. rauschii WR 289
S. santiaginiensis JD 181/1 and 181/2
S. sp. Oruro - Challapata
S. albissima  

Decor for photos

Rudi has an excellent technique to create a decor to take some photos "habitat-like" of his plants. On the photo here on the right you can see the smashing result !

On the bottom of an old polystyrene box he has stucked some clay from his garden and some small pebbles. He has cut out a square hole just a little bit smaller than 7 X 7 cm and another one a little bit smaller than 9 X 9 cm. The edges of the holes are beveled. When you want to take a photo, just insert the pot with the plant in the hole corresponding to its size : the pot will lie on the beveled edges. This bevelling also helps when you have ta place your fingers to take out the pot.

To complete the decor when the pot is in the hole, some little stones and a some moss from the garden are added all around the plant. They will mask the edges of the hole and the top of the pot.

The 7X7 cm hole
(note the beveled edges)

The pots are in the holes

The decor is ready for the photo

This is the final view of the plant in its decor.

My impressions

It was quite some time already that I had not retured to Rosa and Rudi. So it was a great pleasure for me to visit them this year for they are really endearing and generous persons.

However, I had not lost sight of them : every year they are at the ELK meeting. They have a small table and they sell some of their plants. But I have to admit that their table is surely not a sign of  the beauties you will find in their greenhouses !

The collections are still very well kept, even if they both had a lot of health problems in recent years and magnificent plants can be admired. I must also say that I feel some nostalgia in their greenhouses ! Indeed that place drives me back to the beginning of my passion for Sulcos !

Don't hesitate to visit Rosa and Rudi. You will not regret your journey !