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A little scene change ! This is what I suggest to you with these pages. You are going to see Sulcorebutias in the nature. What a change compared to our greenhouses !

(In these pages, as in the photo gallery, simply click on a photo to enlarge!)

I thank those who kindly gave me some photos of their travels (and those who are willing to do so in the future ...), without whom these pages would not exist ! ! !

Bolivia trips

Alessandro Gentili - 2005

Willi Gertel - 1989

Johan de Vries - 2007

Bill Christie - 2001 and 2003

Marja Van der Pieterman 1995, 1996 and 2004

Cor & Ilona Noorman - Several trips

Johan Pot - Several trips

Hansjörg Jucker - Several trips

Karl Augustin - Several trips


Heinz Swoboda field list - Several trips

J. Mauseth, R. Kiesling, C. Ostolaza - 1995