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Seeds Cladogram
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Gagarinstraat 17, NL-1562 TA Krommenie, Pays-Bas; e-mail :

This is the new version (October 2009) of the program offered by Johan Pot.
The goal of this program is to obtain the similarity rate of different seeds compared with a reference seed.
In fact we should say “the similarity of the average seed (imaginary average seed) of one plant compared with average seeds of other plants since almost every single seed in one fruit is different.

What's new ? : there are a lot of innovations in this new version !

Download Seeds Cladogram
in English

Download Seeds Cladogram
in het Nederlands

Download Seeds Cladogram
auf Deutsch

 You can download it in 4 different languages (English, German, Dutch and French).

 The number of studied plants has more than doubled.

 You can use a scale to fit the star cladogram to your screen.

 The button "Selection similar seeds" allows you now to select a rate of similarity in place of a number of plants.

 A window "Options" in which you can select some characters of CactusData.

 A window showing the plants with the same field number in the result list.

 A window showing the plants with the lowest rate of similarity in the result list.

 The program can now run side by side with a CD of photographs (Cladogram Photos) in which you will find all the studied plants in the program.

Installation : just double click on « SETUP.EXE ».
The program can also be used without any installation !

Unzip the cladozaad*.zip file that you have downloaded.

You should now see a folder called "Support".

In the folder "Support" click on CladoZaad.exe to run the program. Note that the program must be copied on a writable support (Harddisk, USB stick...)

Instructions :
On the left of the window there’s a list of 268 plants.

Select one plant in the left list and you automatically obtain on the right a list of plants classified in order of similarity rate of their seeds compared with the reference plant (let's call it the "result list").

Under the left list, you will find the list of characters used in the program.
You can possibly change the weighting of one of those characters for a specific search by changing the number in front of this character. The more the number is high, the more the character is weighted.  

On the right of the button « Selection similar seeds » you can enter a rate of similarity. Then click on the button and the plants with the rate of similarity you have chosen are automatically selected.
Of course, you can also select all the plants you need just by clicking on it.

Click on the buttons « Cladogram star » or « Cladogram tree » and a cladogram is calculated and displayed.

On the right of the button "Cladogram star" you can enter a rate : this is a scale to fit the cladogram to your screen.

In the window "Options (data from CactusData) you can select a character.
When you will click on Cladogram tree, you will notice that the plants are displayed in different colours. At the same time a window will be opened in the lower side of the screen : you will find there the meaning of those different colours.
If you have selected "No use of colours" nothing will happen.
If you have selected "Colour of flowers" the colour in which the plant is displayed in the cladogram indicates the colour of the flower.

On the right side of the screen you see 3 windows :
- up : shows the plants selected - field number + name. When you click on one plant, a finger will point to this plant in the cladogram.
- middle : shows the plants with the same field number in the result list.
 - down : shows the plants with the lowest rate of similarity in the result list.

The program can be used side by side with a CD of photographs.
- insert the CD "Cladogram Photos" into the CD-ROM drive.
- start "Seeds Cladogram".
- when you calculate a tree cladogram, 3 windows open on the left side of the screen.
- drag and drop a plant from the cladogram to one of those windows : you will see photos of the seeds and of the plant (generally in bloom). You can display upto 3 plants at the same time.
You can order the CD "Cladogram Photos" from Johan Pot at the price of 20 €.