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Visiting the Spring Meeting 2009 of the Working Group „Echinopseen“  in Ruhla / Germany (April 4 and 5, 2009)  by Wolfgang Latin

Meetings of the working group are held twice a year. On the first weekend in April activities are concentrated on the species of Sulcorebutia, Rebutia, Aylostera and Mediolobivia. Approximately 50 participators to come.

I started my trip with a visit of the collection of Kurt Köhler (Mister Weingartia) who lives just around the corner of Ruhla.

Beside a large number of all kind of cacti from Chile to Canada he is specialized in the species of Weingartia which will take the majority of space. One can find every species of Weingartia no matter if they belong to the northern or the southern border of the distribution area. No question remains unanswered.

Kurt with Weingartia westii  

Weingartias in the wintering grounds

After several slices of homemade cheese cake Kurt his wife and I made a short drive to Ruhla.

The program for Saturday starts with a slide presentation by Roland Müller (Field-Numbers start with RMR….) showing his way through the distribution area of S. crispata. Highlight was a really breathtaking new Sulcorebutia (RMR812) to be described.  The provisional name is Sulcorebutia insperata nom. prov. which means “The Unexpected”.

Roland Müller explaining his slides

Roland Müller discussing RMR 812

After having Lunch with too many calories the 6/2009,1 Edition of “Echinopseen” were handed out. You may find there articles from the autors : G. Hentzschel, K. Augustin, W. Gertel, J. de Vries and others.

Especially the article from Gertel/deVries is of high importance for all Sulcomaniacs. Based on the classification of F.H. Brandt (1983) they subdivide Weingartia in 3 subspecies as follows :

         Welcome  back Sulcorebutia !

Spring 2009 Edition of “Echinopseen”

Following the time-schedule Rainer Wahl took us on a journey (2007-Tour) starting in Sucre (Bolivia) and heading south to the border of Chile. Breathtaking landscape and of course his favorite species : Mediolobivia, Aylostera , Lobivia. In the main focus Aylostera fiebrigii.

Rainer Wahl introducing Aylostera fiebrigii


To complete this eventful day of southamerican impressions Johan de Vries presented slides of his 2005-Tour from Santiago de Chile to Patagonia.

Countless spectacular views of selected places such as Cerro Aconcagua. From the heat to the cold and his special friends the Pterocacti escorted him and his party most of the dusty way.

Johan de Vries lost in Patagonia

Johan deVries and Rainer Wahl

Ruhla - 2009

NB  : This is not a collection but it is closely related to our passion ! Ceci n'est pas à proprement parler une collection mais est quand même étroitement lié à notre passion ! Ruhla is a little town in Germany where, twice a year, the members of the Working Group "Echinopseen" get together and discuss our favorite plants. Thanks to Wolfgang Latin the all of us can take part in this event !