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At the time of my visit, we had high summer temperatures in our regions! ! ! Let you imagine the atmosphere that reigned in the greenhouse exposed to the full sun when the outside temperature reached 27 ° C at that time. When you wear glasses, having a camera "screwed" to your face and dripping with sweat, photography is not easy! I had to stop constantly to wipe my glasses, otherwise I was in the most complete fog. I had a touched thought for the people who go in the field under temperatures of 40-45 ° C! ! ! Finally, I photographed for a full hour. But believe me, there is reason to stay there much longer.

Back in the other greenhouse, we talked a little more, Ingo and me. I pointed out to him that I saw in his collection more and more collection numbers of Czech collectors. He had, in fact, he said, visited their collections and brought back a significant quantity of plants from this trip. Personally, I have always been surprised by the number of new descriptions that have been made in the Czech Republic. Are these really new species or varieties or are they simply already known plants whose exceptional variability could make believe in their novelty? I do not know. I am not erudite enough to say. But that will not prevent me from having a crush on a plant, whatever the name!

It was time to leave and to congratulate again Ingo for its magnificent collection. Taking my purchases to the car I promised myself that one day I will come back again for a visit!

S. menesesii HJ 940

S. mizquensis WR 194

Some S. mentosa

S. langerii 2366a

S. pasopayana VZ 63

S. patriciae PHA 500

S. patriciae PHA 500

S. pampagrandensis VS 374

S. rauschii LH 1745

S. rauschii G 155

S. rauschii G 155

S. purpurea Lau 336

S. rauschii LH 890

S. rauschii LH 1745

S. rauschii LH 1745

S. rauschii G 155

S. rauschii RH 3104

S. steinbachii aff. HS 85

And again S. rauschii

S. rauschii PHA 1623

Différent S. steinbachii

S. taratensis KK 1802

Some S. swobodae

S. steinbachii (clizensis)
MK 2720

S. taratensis RH 1672

S. taratensis VZ 410

S. taratensis VZ 410

S. taratensis RH 1672

S. taratensis VZ 417

S. torotorensis HJ 809

S. mariana

S. taratensis VZ 410

S. totorensis G 182

S. tunariensis LH 1717

S. totorensis KA 21 cl. 14

S. torotorensis HS 272

S. rauschii G 155

S. pasopayana aff. LH 800

S. steinbachii aff. VZ 421

Eden Plants / Ingo Breuer 2019 (2)