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S. purpurea WR 464a

S. rauschii PHA 261

S. roberto-vasquezii
WK 986 Kr2

S. sp. G 186

S. sp. G 186

S. sp. G 223

S. sp. HS 134

S. sp. VZ 122

S. sp. VZ 122

S. steinbachii G 98

S. steinbachii HS 18

S. steinbachii RH 675/11

S. steinbachii RH 1661

S. steinbachii WF 01

S. swobodae

S. tarabucoensis EH 6242

S. taratensis VZ 410

S. taratensis WK 713

S. carichimayuensis KA 126

S. carichimayuensis RH 2023a

S. tarijensis WR 491

S. australis HS 15

S. australis HS 15

S. sp. HS 219

S. bicolorispina

S. bicolorispina VS 377

S. tiraquensis v. laui HS 83

S. tiraquensis v. laui JK 454

S. oenantha VS 374

S. totorensis HS 151

S. totorensis KA 21

S. tiraquensis G 116

S. torotorensis

S. vargasii WK 995 DV2

S. losenickyana HS 76

S. losenickyana RH 1738

S. losenickyana VS 448

S. alba WR 472

S. vasqueziana L 375

S. vasqueziana VS 455

Considering I have enough pictures to illustrate the report of my visit, I go back and join Ingo in the previous greenhouse. We talk again about Sulcos. He shows me his latest acquisitions. Like any self-respecting collector, he obviously must have the quite latest descriptions in his collection !

He also tells me that he intends to make a trip to Bolivia at the end of the year. Unfortunately, I’ve been told later that he had to postpone his trip to another date for health reasons!

Happy with my visit, wonderful images in my head, the last thing I have to do is thanking the very friendly Ingo and Benjamin .....

and not forgetting to take with me my little cargo of Sulcos, of course ! ! !

* Given the number of photos posted here, you have understood that it was very difficult for me to make a selection among all these pictures ! ! !

Eden Plants / Ingo Breuer 2012 (2)

While I am still busy photographing, Benjamin comes and has a talk with me. We discuss Sulcos, of course, but also his plans for his website.

Benjamin's passion for Sulcos is fairly recent. He is not yet very experienced. For this reason, he frequently visits Eden Plants, talks with Ingo and thus benefits from his great knowledge!
Attending university, Benjamin regrets a lack of time to take care of his collection as he would like. That is why he tries to keep it to a reasonable size by focusing on species that are dear to his heart (I am thinking, for example, of callecallensis !) Similarly, he has little time to devote to his website. However, he tries to keep it up to date but hopes to do much better the day he has more time.

While chatting, I continue to fill the memory card from my camera ...

S. menesesii HS 210

S. mizquensis WR 194

S. purpurea L 336

S. santiaginiensis EK 7109

S. santiaginiensis HS 115

S. santiaginiensis LH 1250

S. santiaginiensis WF 44