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You don’t grow cacti in the same way in Oslo or in Marseille! You must obviously take into account the climate. Here are some climatological data for my area. You’ll have to adjust my technique to your conditions.

I live in Belgium, 50 km south-west of Brussels. Belgian climate is temperate with moderate temperatures and rainy. The wind blowing mainly from the west brings dampness from the Atlantic Ocean. It tends to refresh summer temperatures and reduce winter cold sensation.

Some data :

Those figures are based on statements carried out in Uccle (Brussels) and are communicated by The Institut Royal Météorologique of Belgium.

Rainy days / year


Annual precipitation in mm


Days of frost Min < 0° C


Days of summer Max > 25° C


In « Care », you will learn how I take care of my collection : the substrate I use, when and how I water, temperatures, what are the ennemies you will have to fight...

I will also explain how to develop your collection at a lower cost through the « cuttings » and the « seedlings ».

Are the « field numbers » important ???