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Eden Plants / Ingo Breuer 2019 (1)

Overview of the sulcos collection

S. alba HS 74

S. albiareolata PHA 653

S. albiareolata PHA 653

S. albiareolata VS 463

S. augustinii VZ 245

S. albissima JD 247

S. callecallensis NL 100/5

Some other  
S. callecallensis

S. callecallensis VZ 196

Some S. callecallensis

S. carichimayuensis RH 2029a

Some S. crispata

Différent S. carichimayuensis

S. callichroma VS 417

S. crispata HS 258

S. crispata RH 3087

S. crispata RH 1627

S. crispata G 250/8

And again S. crispata

S. cuprea JK 506

S. cuprea HS 273

S. crispata VZ 654

S. frankiana (gigantea)

S. frankiana VZ 352

S. frankiana cristate

S. cuprea WR 476

Some S. hertusii

S. hoffmannii VZ 418

S. hoffmannii JK 113

S. hertusii VZ 450

S. krugerae HS 130

S. langerii RH 1639

S. krugerae KP 049

S. krugerae HS 130

S. frankiana cristate

As for my other visits, I left early, around 7:30 am. I had ordered some plants to Ingo and asked him to prepare them so that I could have more time to visit and for the photo essay. After a stop at a rest area for a small coffee, I arrived in the middle of the morning around 10 a.m.

When I arrive, Ingo is busy with some repotting. When he sees me, he gives me a warm welcome. He explains that there have been many changes in the greenhouses again.

The first greenhouse, which hosted the sulcos and Gymnocalycium collections during my previous visit, is now almost exclusively devoted to sulcos. Let's say 99%! I have just seen a few Tephrocactus and some Mammillarias. But for the rest there are only sulcos.

The other greenhouse houses the collections of Gymnocalycium and Howorthia as well as the plants for sale.

Despite my order, I of course checked the sulcos for sale. Sometimes you can fall in love with a plant even if you already have 10 clones at home! ! ! We will say that that day, I fell in love a dozen times ...

I then went into the sulcos greenhouse with my camera. I noticed a lot of new plants still in small pots. But I thought that since my last visit in 2012 there must have been a string of new plants to fill all this space! For larger plants, Ingo explained to me that he sticks to a maximum pot size. When the plant begins to overflow from the pot, he harvests the suckers and root them for sale.

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