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From the library of « Au Cactus Francophone » :

Sulcorebutia : The complete book by Augustin K., Gertel W., Hentzschel G. (2000) - 180 pages, 159 photographs…

Martín Cárdenas - Articles devoted to Cacti : This is an e-book of 592 pages published by Au Cactus Francophone and devoted to articles by Cárdenas that were published in various journals and books, compiled by R. Kiesling & D. Schweich.

A Cactus Odyssey : The complete book by Mauseth J.D., Kiesling R., Ostolaza C. (2002) - 300 pages

Sowing cacti

The title of this article is « The complete guide to growing cacti from seed ». The subtitle is even more explicit: "Everything you ever wanted to know about seed germination of cactus ... but you do not want to ask!
The author explains his method in detail and with many supporting photographs.


"Example calculation of phylogenies : the UPGMA method"

For those who experiment the programs of Johan Pot (Seeds Cladogram and Morphology-Isoenzyme) and want to know a little bit more about cladograms and their calculation.

Botanical Glossary

Where you can find the definitions of botanical terms, such as those used for the description of plants: