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We then head to the other greenhouse. When entering, you see on the left the Gymnocalycium collection, on the right the Sulcorebutia collection. Quite huge !

The Sulcos collection currently includes more than 2000 clones. They are classified according to the book of Willi Gertel and Wolfgang Latin "SULCOREBUTIEN - KLEINODE AUS BOLIVIEN." They are all potted in pure pumice. I therefore asked Ingo if he had to often bring fertilizer as that substrate is very poor. He replied that three annual fertilizing is enough : the plants grow and keep a natural look.

After having talked about this and that, Ingo returns to his work and I have plenty of time to shoot. Here is an overview of this magnificent collection. I have just photographed everything that I liked and possibly some less common collect numbers.

S. albissima HS 100

S. albissima PHA 413

S. arenacea MC 4393

S. augustinii G 184

S. callecallensis LH 891

S. callichroma VS 417

S. callichroma VS 420

S. callichroma VS 420

S. candiae L 963b

S. candiae MC 5531

S. caracarensis MC 6309

S. crispata RV 587

The collection of Sulcorebutia

S. cuprea HS 274

S. cylindrica

S. dorana HJ 807

S. frankiana EK 7069

S. gemmae JD 337

S. gemmae VS 433

S. glomeriseta MC 4399

S. hertusii HS 125

S. hertusii PHA 266

S. hertusii PHA 268

S. hertusii VS 339a

S. hertusii VZ 450

S. hoffmannii WR 612

S. hoffmannii EK 7138

S. hoffmannii HS 222

S. hoffmannii RV 313

S. horrida G 119

S. kamiensis G 130a

S. kamiensis L 974

S. krugerae HS 130

S. langerii Kö 02

S. langerii RH 1639

S. markusii G 35

S. markusii WR 195a

Eden Plants / Ingo Breuer 2012 (1)

August 11, 2012

A meeting with Ingo Breuer who I had missed in 2009 and also Benjamin, a young sulco-enthusiast in charge of the website was expected.

Therefore I had to leave early and so ...

Seven AM : departure to Heinsberg (Germany). My GPS tells me that I should be there in 2:17 after a 213 km trip. These instruments are quite effective : at 9.30 I'm in the place ! ! !

I am greeted by Ingo Breuer in person. He explains that there have been many changes in the greenhouses. The collections of sulcorebutias and gymnocalyciums have been moved in another greenhouse. The one in which we stand for the moment still contains the collections of haworthias and some other succulents. More room is available for the sale area and the propagation area.

Here are some photos of plants from the private collection of Haworthia.

Haworthia arachnoides

Haworthia indigoa

Haworthia odyssei

Haworthia springbokvlakensis

Haworthia truncata

Haworthia vernalis

Haworthia viscosa

The collection of Gymnocalycium

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