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Maybe those little reports will give you the need to go and personally appreciate those collections.

Those visits are the opportunity to discuss with experts who will always try to give you some good advice. They will give you some useful tips on how to take care of that plant that seems so delicate. They will tell you why the cuttings of this particular plant don't want to root or why you'd better graft that other one. In any case it is always a good opportunity to increase the knowledge of the cultivation of your favourite plants !

It is also and above all the chance to get rare plants or maybe THE plant you were looking for.

In the meantime, just follow me ! ! !

De Herdt Nursery - Belgium (2008)

Johan Pot - The Netherlands (2008)

Ruhla - Germany (2009)

Willy Verheulpen - Belgium (2009)

  Rosa & Rudi Vlummens - Belgium (2009)

Eden Plants - Ingo Breuer - Germany (2009)

  Marja Van Der Pieterman - The Netherlands (2010)

Ilona & Cor Noorman - The Netherlands (2012)

Elizabeth & Johan de Vries - The Netherlands (2007, 2008 and 2012)

  Karl Augustin - Austria