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A Cactus Odyssey

Visit the Lowlands

Visit the Highlands

If you need to know more about the journeys of these three adventurers after having read these pages, the book “A Cactus Odyssey” is still available.

You can also legally download it for free in pdf format from the library of "Cactus Francophone ".

Click this link: "A Cactus Odyssey"

    What you are about to see in these pages is not new. " A Cactus Odyssey " is the title of a book about the travels of three scientists (Jim Mauseth , Roberto Kiesling and Carlos Ostolaza ) in various South American countries (Argentina, Peru and Bolivia), to study the cactus in their habitat. The three authors have kindly given me permission to use photos and reviews of their book to create these pages. As we are in " Bolivia Trips " you can imagine that I obviously focused on that part of the book ! The trip to Bolivia (p.35 -111 ), which is presented here, took place in March 1995.

     Some will regret not to find Sulcorebutias in this report. But look on the bright side : this is an opportunity to become familiar with other genera ! And also we will visit a part of the country where collectors of Sulcorebutias do not usually go : the Lowlands.

     As in the book, I divided the report into two parts: the Lowlands and the Highlands .

     Here we go !

Thanks to Jim Mauseth, Roberto Kiesling and Carlos Ostolaza for their kindness !