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News 2016

March 30, 2016

In the new DVD of SulcoMania by Johan Pot, I have discovered two new species described in the journal Gymnocalycium. I don’t buy that journal so I really missed the news ! So, here they are !

It is Weingartia coloradensis (Gymnocalycium 25(2) 2013) (HJ 1145) and Weingartia spectabilis (Gymnocalycium 28(2) 2015) (HJ 1195).

Weingartia spectabilis HJ 1195

Weingartia coloradensis HJ 1145 (© Johan Pot - SulcoMania 2016)

Weingartia coloradensis HJ 1145 (© Hansjörg Jucker - SulcoMania 2016)

April 13, 2016

In the new issue of the journal Echinopseen Willi Gertel and Hansjörg Jucker describe a new variety : Sulcorebutia arenacea var. atroviridis.

This is what they say about this new variety : « Differs from S. arenacea v. arenacea (data in brackets) by its dark green almost black body (more or less brownish) and the black, later grayish spines (pale yellow). 5 pectinate spines on either side of the areole and up to 3 directed to the ground. (6-7 on each side and 1 at each apex) at least twice as long as the type, not covered by « silky hair ». Flowers and seed more or less identical.

Field number : HJ 1290a

S. arenacea v. atroviridis HJ 1290a

December 15, 2016

A new booklet has been published by the A.I.A.S (an Italian association) : Le Sulcorebutie della Cordillera Mandinga by A. Gentili, H.J. Jucker, G. Calestani & P. Lechner.
It is available to non-members of the A.I.A.S.
The price in Europe including shipping fees is 20€.
More details to order here.

December 19, 2016

In the new issue of K.u.a.S., Willi Gertel describes a new variety of Sulco : Sulcorebutia juckeri var. australis.

Summary of the article by Kuas : Sulcorebutia juckeri, found growing at many places on both sides of the Rio Pilcomayo, west of the Cordillera Mandinga, is reviewed in this contribution. At the time of the first description it was only known from the type locality. Due to the many habitats distributed over a vast range of altitudes the species displays an incredible variety of flower colours. Strongly offsetting plants from a rather remote location far south of all the others are described as Sulcorebutia juckeri var. australis.

S. juckeri v. australis HJ 1210

S. juckeri v. australis HJ 1210a/9
(© Hansjörg Jucker)

S. juckeri v. australis HJ 1210a/22
(© Hansjörg Jucker)